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Case Studies

Finding Header Bidder publishers

Before working with Red Volcano

Our business depends on increasing revenue for publishers who monetise through header bidding. Finding these publishers can prove incredibly difficult.

After working with Red Volcano

Red Volcano have transformed our publisher acquisition. We are able to instantly find thousands of publishers with the UI who exactly fit our target market. Red Volcano also feed us weekly reports of sites that have added or removed Prebid.js and Index Exchange wrappers, and this means we have a constant source of new business.

Richard Cook - Executive Director at Trade House Media

Tracking the competition

Before working with Red Volcano

Ancora offers great revenue generation for Benelux market, but knowing what our competition is doing is critcal.

After working with Red Volcano

With Red Volcano we are able to see which SSPs and Adservers our competition is working with. The alerts that Red Volcano send us mean we can beat our rivals to each deal.

Herman Mantel - Co Founder at Ancora

Solving the on-boarding jigsaw

Before working with Red Volcano

9MediaOnline have a large network of publishers and it's very important to be able to track who is onboarded.

After working with Red Volcano

Red Volcano removes the headache of tracking thousands of publishers. We now know exactly who has been onboarded and can focus our efforts on closing more publishers.

Arun Aravindakshan - Director at 9MediaOnline

Benefits of working with Red Volcano

You will be able to locate all the publishers working with your competitors
You will stop wasting time onboarding low value publishers

You'll have unlimited access to every monetizable publisher in the world.


Increase your inventory using our Find Publishers tool.

Red Volcano gives you direct access to the details of over 15 million publishers. Filter by Ad tag, Geo, IAB Category, Language, Page Views etc.

"This has had made an immeasurable difference to our business. The Find Publishers tool helps us locate all the websites working with our competitors."

Gary Calladine - Chief Operating Officer - ZoomMail

Know exactly who your competitors are closing and losing each week

Each week, we send you a list of all the publishers that your competitors close, or lose. This list shows you exactly who is in market.

"The weekly site list from Red Volcano has transformed our sales. Now when we speak to a publisher we know they are in-market for our solution."

Richard Cook - Executive Director - Trade House Media

Find Publisher networks

Streamline your sales efforts - we show you which publishers are part of a larger network, and list all sites in that network.

"Having access to Publisher Networks within the UI is a game-changer, we've never used such a complete platform before"

Herman Mantel - Co Founder - Ancora Media Solutions


☑ - Unlimited access to 19 million publishers

☑ - Over 2700 technologies tracked and reported

☑ - Unlimited reports, exports, user accounts.

☑ - 24x7x365 Free Support

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Questions and Answers

How do you gather your data?

Once a week our crawler visits the top 15 million websites and gathers information on what technologies they are running. We also render all adverts so we catch which SSP/DSP's are running.

Do you provide training?

Absolutely, we provide an hours training once you are signed up. If you have new employees or need us to repeat the training, no problem, just let us know and we're happy to help.

Where do your list of domains come from?

We capture the Alexa top 1m every single day. In order to be in our list, the site must have been in the Alexa top 1 million for at least 1 week in the previous 1 year.

Do you track {X} technology?

A full list of the technologies we track is available during a demo. If we're missing someone, we can have them added to our tracker within 24 hours.

Do you have a minimum contract length?

Yes, our minimum contract length is 6 months, after this it's a simply rolling monthly contract.

Do you integrate with our CRM?

We already integrate with HubSpot, and will shortly include Salesforce, Zoho and Pipedrive.

Can I get a free demo account?

Sure. Please mention that you'd like test the platform out during your screenshare demo.

How are you different from SimilarWeb / Datanyze / Builtwith?

We are the only platform 100% built for ad tech. By focusing just on tools and data for supply-side ad tech companies we are able to offer a much more refined product at a significantly lower price.

Who are you guys?

We're headed up by Barrie Jarman who spent 7 years building supply-side ad tech platforms. He saw the need for a supply-side publisher discovery tool and so Red Volcano was born!

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